Thursday, May 17, 2007

My story

I grew up in a very rural area in central PA. Newville if you ever heard of it. I couldn't wait to escape and get out of hickville:) Well during the college years I met my husband at Shippensburg University and moved to Harleysville PA when we were married. It was like moving to the city...well not really, just the suburbs. I am close to the city of Philadelphia. I venture there sometimes if I want to feel brave and shed the county roots for a bit.

I previously worked for Univest National Bank for 9+ yrs. I have been a waitress, a lifeguard and college bookstore employee.
But almost 4 years ago I found a job suited for me....Pet sitting. I started by working for an established business and visiting pets in their homes and caring for them. It grew to me taking dogs into my home. If they fit with our family and animals then they are welcome here. I officially started my own business in Sept of 2006. So Landis Family Farm Pet Services was created.

Currently I live on a nice little piece of land surrounded by township open space and a farmers field. It is a nice place until we find our perfect place.

Anyways 10 years later guess what? I wish I had what I grew up taking for granted.

So Landis Family Farm is my vision of my family and life. It is the name of my business: Landis Family Farm Pet Services and hopefully will represent my future well. when I tell people about all my animals and such they say "do you live on a farm?" Hopefully some day, I can say, "why Yes I do":)

Well with all that back history the real reason I wanted to post this is to introduce you to my "flock". Looks like I'll save most of that for another post. Time to get some shut eye cause I have lots of pets to care for in the AM and the human kids too.

3 dogs
2 cats
some chickens
and a duck
2 kids
various canine guests
my husband who puts up with it all
and ME

More detail about my family furry, feathered and human later.