Saturday, December 29, 2007

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

Dakota is growing big and strong. On Christmas Day she turned 4 months old. We started our Christmas weekend with visitors of the canine kind. We will have boarders through the New Year. No lack of love and affection in our house this season. All of our visitors were well behaved and are enjoying there vacation with the Landis'. Started out the season with Bailey (choc lab), her mom is traveling home for the holidays by plane. Then came Cooper (GSH), his family was driving to visit family up North. Then came Gracie (cockapoo) to visit on Christmas day and then back again for a few days while her parents escaped for a little while from puppy raising. The day after Christmas Sienna (choc lab) came to stay till after the New Year. She is our resident holiday dog. Hershey (choc lab) rounded off the week with her arrival while her family drove to visit family up North. Below a picture of Bailey -Chocolate Lab and Dakota - Yellow Lab wrestling.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

A little cold never spoiled a good day to be outside...

It's been pretty cold here during the last week of November and the first week of December. Even though I mind the cold (some days in the 20's F) the dogs seem oblivious to it. As long as they want to go out, they do. Seems to be the same with my kids too. Less concern about the weather and more emphasis about playing. Today it has been a little warmer (40's) but raining, yuck.
Dakota is a true retriever. Here she has a stick and is enticing Bella (Shepherd mix) to play.

Bella (shepherd mix), Cooper (German Short Hair), Dakota (Lab) and Gracie (Beagle) enjoying some play time. Dakota tries to keep up with the big dogs.

Dakota is getting big, 14 weeks now!