Saturday, October 11, 2008

Taking Time

Have you ever heard that "voice" or felt that "tug" inside of you to do something good, something right? Have you done it?

Some people say it's your conscience, some say the Holy Spirit. Did you listen? Did you take the time?

Sometimes people say I don't have the time, I'll do it another time, I'll do it when my life is not so crazy. What if you change your priorities and in turn find such great joy that you ask your self, why didn't I do this sooner? Well let me tell you about when I took the time.

It's Friday, I'm in my 30's with two children ages 6 & 7. My son goes to afternoon Kindergarten, I run my own Pet sitting business and I actively volunteer at my church. It's Friday and I have to feed my kids, my dogs, cats, birds and then go to a couple customer's homes and take care of their animals and put my daughter on the bus hopefully with her hair combed. Then I have a few hours to catch up on things before putting my son on the bus and heading out for my daily dog walks. It's Friday, the kids come home, dinner, my daughters horse lesson, then a volleyball tournament and lastly a few more customer visits. That's all just Friday. Would you fit something else in, would you?

Well I listened to that voice inside of me saying to do the right thing, go ahead help out, you know you can if you really want to, you can do it. So my son and I find ourselves heading east on the PA turnpike towards New Jersey. Did I mention I never drove to New Jersey by myself before? So on we go following the directions to this township shelter. We get off the main highway in Trenton and follow the directions, streets get smaller, houses are not as nice, we become the minority, buildings are rundown and my son asks "Mommy, where is the grass?" So we keep going. We turn onto the street where the shelter is and look for numbers but there are few. Then we see our destination, a big blue run down factory or warehouse surrounded by others just like it. Barbwire surrounds anything of importance. We park and walk around to the door and my son is holding his nose from the smell of urine. We ring the bell and wait. A lady opens the door, I say " We are here for Ozzie". She takes us through this dark bare bones shelter to the office area. There we wait for Ozzie. In he comes and she shows us that he does this growling thing when you pet him. I give my information and off we go with Ozzie and a leash. Back home we go. We get home and I get Ozzie out and he is very happy to be where ever this is. He is doing circles of joy and marking all over the green brushes and sniffing the grass. Guess what, not a bit of the growling he had done all the time at the shelter. We got him settled, my son made his bus and Ozzie was safe and sound in my kitchen on his way to a new start and a new life with a family that will love his kisses and cuddle him.

Did I listen? Did I take the time?

Today I did. Today I was a hero to a little Chin named Ozzie. Today I showed my son how to do something good and right.

Will you listen too? Will you take the time?